A Uniform

Few months ago, I visit a Medical school not very far from our house and enquire about their medical coding program.  I am very impressed of their program it will only take me 10 months to finish the course. The in-charge showed me the school, I took their test and they presented me the financial aspect of the course. It will take a whooping $16,000 for the whole 10 months.  I also asked them if we are going to wear a uniform and the in charge says yes. Thankfully, I know this website http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/ from a friend and right away when I get home, I checked on it immediately. Buying scrubs online is easy but it takes me time to decide if I am going to pursue what I am planning to do. Right now, I have been asking my brother to send me my college transcript of record. However, he told me the last time I asked him that he is going to get it at school. I do not know if he did because I have not received any message from him that he got it already. Well I think next year I am going to pursue my plan and that hope for the best. 


don said…
The link makes "scrubs" look pretty good. I hope you plans materialize. All advanced education is very costly these days…don't let that stop you.

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