Signs, Signs

Two or three years ago some of our crossroads were change like these. I myself had a hard time adjusting to it. Do you have like this in your city or town too? 

Now these made me laugh! It is so ridiculous that even the casket has a monitor for facebooking hahaha.

                                                            SIGNS, SIGNS


Lesley said…
We don't have many roundabouts here, but I almost posted a sign for one - yours is much better!
Red Nomad OZ said…
Oh, I think ALL roundabouts should have a sign like that!! Even downunder in OZ they confuse the heck out of most people ... at least the ones trying to work it out whenever I'm driving through!!
donna said…
We have lots and lots of roundabouts here and people either love them or hate them.

The sign made me laugh.

Pat said…
I know that roundabouts make the traffic flow easier, but they CAN be confusing for first-time users! That sign was funny!

Computers in caskets! Ha ha!
Clytie said…
We have a bunch of new roundabouts here, and nobody knows (or follows) the rules!!! I love this sign - it's PERFECT!!!

As for the casket ... how absolutely funny!
Genie said…
The picture of the casket is really is a one-of-a-kinder shot. Has all the accommodations right there waiting for its recipient. The round about sign makes me think back on my AWFUL driving across the pond. Those thing about did me in. This sign is just the greatest ever. genie

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