Yesterday, Fr. Jerry our parish priest give an emphasis on prayer. He says "in this time and generation we often heard people said time flies so quick! He continued to say it is because we are too busy about life. Our business and all the things that has to be done that we don't have time to set and be quite even for 10 minutes." He says, in ten minutes you can say it is your time out time and that is when you have to silence yourself and be with God. Then he asked what is prayer. As I have known the definition of prayer, he one by one told us that all the definition of prayer is somewhat lacking. And he says that he read in a book that prayer is being with the Lord who loves us. That is the most important thing to know when we pray. And he gave this very beautiful example. There was this woman who came to him for guidance. She was so bitter in life, unhappy, judgemental etc. And she told Fr. Jerry that she was sexually abused by her own Uncle. She grow up sad and negative in life and she stopped praying. Because she knew that when she pray to God, God will asked her to forgave her Uncle and she said she can't do that. Fr. Jerry continued telling us that, that is prayer, we are in the presence of God. The all knowing and loving God. So what happened to the woman she surrendered to God, she was back in her knees and praying to God for healing and grace to forgave her Uncle and she did.
The message struck me so well because I myself neglected my prayer time. I may not have a 10 minutes straight time of praying to God in a day but from time to time I always call HIS name. For me one secret of this life so as not to make life chaotic and stressful is take time to pray to God, just listen and for sure you will find peace and joy we can't find anywhere in this world. So pray!


Butterbean Row said…
Praying is sometimes hard for me to do. I am not like King David who wrote the beautiful psalms. I am not that poetic. My words are few.
But I did read a little paragraph in Adoration Chapel today that went kind of like this: A parishioner asked another member, what do you say when you are in front of the Blessed Sacrament? She answered: "I don't say any thing. I just look at Jesus and He looks at me." Sometimes it is good to just be still in His presence.

Ann said…
I believ e in praying. Life has been difficult but there is hope when one prays.

On Sat, my 15 year old son was vomitting and having diahhroea. I stayed up with him to clear up his mess.

Last night, the virus came to me. I was up the whole night. Tomorrow, I have an appraisal at work.
Beautifully said! Thanks for sharing!

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