My Zenni

Last night it was cold and windy. It rained the whole day and when it gets dark, it was foggy. I was at home the whole day and never get out. Dark time came and when I peeked outside it was very foggy so I decided to get out and took pictures. I love foggy night. I was outside and set up my tripod and camera but the problem was I forgot to bring my  eyeglasses and I could not see I did not bring a flashlight too. It was really a problem to me because I have not memorized the modes of my camera and there are plenty of them. 
When I finished taking photos I told, hubby and I need really to change an eyeglass I think it is the right time because I have this eyeglasses for quite sometime now. But I told him I am not going to go to the same place where we got my eyeglasses because they are expensive and the quality is cheap! That is why I do not want to go there anymore. I told my hubby that I would rather go buy online at Zenni since I know that their products are fashionable and stylish, high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable price. I have been to the website of Zenni not once but a lot of times looking at their eyeglasses and drooling like crazy. It is about time I have to change my eyeglasses and that is it!


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