The Wedding Must Go On

Last Saturday, we went to Petosky, Michigan to attend a wedding. The wedding ceremony would be held at a park but because of the weather, the wedding was transferred to where the reception will be held. This is part of Lake Michigan. Look at the water it's very rough. But in spite of the rain, high wind, and bitterly cold temperature...the picture taking must go on..........scroll down.......

               Yup, we came here, I was taking picture of the bride and groom. And look at the two love birds they don't look and feel cold. While I was trying to focus myself and grounding myself because the wind could knocked me down easy. As I have said the wedding must go on....^_^
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AL said…
They feel warmth with each other, I see a lighthouse and it's just very romantic to hold a wedding ceremony overlooking a lighthouse!
Yes, just as you say, the wedding must go on in spite of the inclement weather. As usual, your photographic work was simply excellent. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Yep, though the weather is bad, the wedding must go on!
In fact, it's a great place for wedding ceremony...
Nice to see their happy faces :)
George said…
I'm glad the wedding went on, but it was very wise to move the ceremony inside. Your pictures of the lake are wonderful.
JAF Gifts said…
That's a stunning wedding setup - the ocean and the lighthouse has always been a perfect venue for such romantic events!
Phoenix Venues said…
Finding this place was the best thing that happened to us after the owner of our previously booked venue refused to answer any of our calls or emails after giving us completely stupid excuses.

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