Men's Watch

When was the time you remember you had your first watch? I remember the first time I had my first watch when I graduated elementary my father gave me a watch. The watch is somewhat bluish and I still remember the brand of the watch and it illuminate at night. That time I thought I am the coolest kid in the block. Having a watch then is very important to me in fact I cannot leave the house without wearing it even if I have a cell phone. That time too owning a watch is something else because not everybody in my community could afford it.  Therefore, as the years go by I bought watches but not that often because I see to it that, it is durable and dependable even if the price is not that cheap.
The other day hubby complained to me that he has to go to the store to make his fix his watch. When we were at the store, I was looking at the glass display and looked for the mens watches. There are some that I thought it is too big for him and some are too light for him.  I pointed at him some watches that I thought he likes but he does not like them. He told me he likes a watch the illuminate at night because sometimes when he wake up at the middle of the night he likes to check on the time that is why he likes it illuminated. Until few seconds of looking at the display he found what he likes, I bought it for him as an advance gift, and he was very happy. 


madrassi said…
I really like the simplest one with leather strap and gold coated watch. I tie my watch when i was in 10th std and i have been showing it to everyone at class.

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