Love Intervention

Posted by Arden Wallace

So I love that show Intervention but man, is it not one of the most depressing things on TV. I found it not too long ago when I was clicking through the directtv channel lineup and stumbled across it and I got sucked in. There was a marathon on so I just watched it and watched it and watched it until I realized I’d watched like 10 episodes. It’s all about people with some kind of addiction or disorder and their families who stage an intervention and it’s one of the most real reality shows I think I’ve ever seen. I don’t know anyone who’s suffered from addiction but I can only imagine the toll it takes on people but I sure do like how the families come together to make it all right. They do a little follow up at the end and usually the people are doing much better which is really encouraging. Don’t watch the show if you’re not ready to get kind of depressed about it but it’s a good one otherwise!


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