Her Majesty

This is funny because I still could remember the time I became the queen of our barangay.   I think this was in the early 70’s. Very fun memories since my mama and papa are with me in this photo. Now they are both gone and I missed them much.
                                                          Nostalgic Marveling 


SunnyToast said…
Your so cute and I love black and white photos:)
chubskulit said…
Wow ate beauty queen ka na pala even in childhood years hehehe.. Buti naman at nakatago pa itong lumang litrato. Nice! Thanks for joining!
Vernz said…
lumang litrato... recuerdo de amor.. this is priceless Manang Kim.. heheh cute.. sa tag piso ang ribbon hahaha... those were the days.

thank you for dropping by :)
George said…
What wonderful memories. I'm glad you've got the picture.
Oh, this is so wonderful. I enjoyed seeing you all when you were young.

God bless,

raya said…
aww, sweet.. your beauty queen moment! i think everybody has one at one point in time. Thanks for the visit, kim! where in Mindanao are you from?

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