Great Shape Today

I had a good chat with my cousin today and I told her how she is going to have a great shape today and tomorrow when she will not do any exercise. After she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she focuses all her attention to her.  She does not like to get out and do some walking but sometimes with her husband tagging along they go walk at the park. She is a nurse and after her 12 hours duty she don’t like to move around her house but stay a lot of tome with her daughter. Which I do not blame her 12 hours is a lot of time to be away from her only daughter. However, I told her to start exercising because a Great Shape Today  means a good health today and in the future. She just smiles and she told me she is too tired after work. I really insisted to her that working and exercising are different. I have to encourage her and push her more until she get annoy at me or else she will be overweight. I saw her photos the other day, she indeed gained a lot of weight, and I told her to be very careful. Health is wealth.


madrassi said…
Very true kim! what we do today stays for tomorrow and exercise helps a lot to give good shape. Hope she understand :)

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