Bella Pictures

Next weekend hubby and I are going to a wedding party. The soon to be brides is hubby’s niece and the wedding ceremony as well as the reception are going is going to be held at Petosky, Michigan.  Talking about Petosky, Michigan, that place is a picturesque especially in this season. Autumn foliage is covering the ground and the colorful leaves are just gorgeous. However, on the last minute of all their preparation they figure out they do not have a good and best photographer. They like to document the wedding with lots and many pictures.
Some wedding as we all know lacks of preparation. One thing to have a good wedding is to get the best photography service. Just like, as I know about friends who happened to know about Bella Pictures. Bella Pictures provide photography services to any kind of weddings from different culture and traditions.  You can tell it in their website that they are very professional in what they are doing. The photo is clear and yes, they have portfolios for you to see. Therefore, if you know somebody who is looking for a wedding service visit Bella Pictures the best in town.


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