Weekend Reflection

                                                  Another Photo shooting of this tiny flower which
                                                                I do not know the name yet.

                                                           My WEEKEND REFLECTION 


Sylvia K said…
Such delightful reflections, Kim, and what a beautiful flower! I do love the color! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

'Tsuki said…
Nice effect of post treatment ! I love what you've done with this picture, it's amazing !
Ebie said…
Lovely! Love the color splash! Orange reminds me of Autumn.
Linda Jacobs said…
I love the blurriness of the reflection!
joo said…
Sweet reflection!
have a nice weekend:)
Dianne said…
I love the blurriness too
lovely shot
LV said…
No matter what the flower is called, it is a very pretty one.
George said…
We don't need to know the name to know that this is a beautiful flower.
ano nga kaya ang pangalan niyan..baka walang name..hehe..joke..
Gattina said…
It's such a nice reflection that I first thought, where is the reflection ! Gorgeous photos
Leovi said…
Exquisite photos, I love that color ... poetry and beauty together.
Rich colors, muted reflection... perfect!

Anonymous said…
Names? Not important, your interpretations are. Both are nicely done but I think the second is a bit better.

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