Sink Make Over

Yesterday hubby and I went to visit his son’s new house. They bought it for a very low price it has three bedrooms and one and a half bathroom. The living room and dining room is just right for a new couple but the kitchen is what I love the most. They put a new stainless steel sink and it fits with their new stainless kitchen appliances. I am very envious I wanted a new kitchen make over too. 
We were at the back of the house and we knew that the property is about three acres for $400 a month is not bad at all. I like a small and simple house and not too big of a property.  My husband complimented his  son how he turn the house really very cozy and pretty. I asked my step-son where and how they find the stainless steel sinks since we knew there are a lot of choices out there. He told us that they had to go online and find the right website. They also set their mind that they can’t spend more than  a certain amount that they set for a stainless sink. They got what they want  and they are happy for it. 


Gattina said…
Beautiful pictures !

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