Padre Pio

After I read a book about Padre Pio's life  I came to love him. He is a priest and his enormous love to do service to the people to celebrate mass and confession moved me. I read the book 1993 that time he was not a saint.  Now in his memorial I like to share a you tube video music here to remember a man who put God first in his life.


fredamans said…
Being married to an Italian, I am quite familiar with Padre Pio. He is encased in a tomb where you can see him. Do you know he bleeds from his hands the same as Jesus.
Any rate, I carry a booklet of Padre Pio in my wallet at all times.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Freda, yes I know that and it pained him tremendously. What a way to deal with our problems huh! We whine and complain and here is this man who carries the wound for years and never did complain, but pray. ^_^

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