Brain Training

Each one of us has its skills and talents. One does excel in physical activity, some excel in arts or music, and some do excel in math and others. However, as the person age sometimes we just do not realize that our mental and physical capabilities also decline and often we do not do anything about it. I observe some old people they would rather sit on the couch and do nothing more so it will decline their physical attributes and many just stop what they were doing when they were younger like sewing, scrap booking or even reading. For me it should not be like that. The more we aged the more we are upbeat because we have more wisdom and knowledge than the young ones. 
This morning I was looking at the rain and I was thinking of what to do on rainy days and winter season. I ca not just do nothing in those months I have to do something right?  A brain training is what I need these months to come so I would not feel depress without nothing to do.  Thankfully, as I was browsing the internet I found this website Cognifit Brain Fitness program. This program is scientifically validated software to assess and train cognitive skills such as memory, attention and perception.  One thing that I like in this website it is online bases; it is free and very cool!


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