A New Bedding

It is almost the end of summer.  And again it is time for fall cleaning for winter time, and for me it is also checking time for good and dependable comforters. As we all knew we people here in the north will experience snow storm in the month of January or February. And this is the hardest part for everybody if you do not have enough stuff that could keep you warm. Everybody should be prepared in this kind of weather because it is rough.
The other day I was cleaning our closet and sorting the bedding that I am going to use for winter. I discovered that some are not good anymore. If before they are thick now it feels thin and it will not definitely give warm. So I decided to check online if there are many bedding, bedding sets or comforters that are on sale. I found one website Brylane Home that has everything you need.  I was browsing the site and try to figure out what I am going to buy and my eyes caught this beautiful blue comforter. This for me is the right color for winter. It is also a favorite color of hubby. Then I looked for the bedding sets they are all in the price range that I set for my budget.  Of course, I asked the opinion of my hubby and he gave me a go signal to order the things that I like. And don’t forget to sign up for emails so you can get a free shipping for your first order, check there promotions for more good stuff offered.


Mama Zen said…
I'm planning to get new winter bedding, too, so I appreciate the link!
Anonymous said…
Have a good bedding selection kim. Glad your hubby supports ur choise in bedding. Have a warm bedding time this winter :)

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