Saturday, August 20, 2011

A life insurance

Do you have a life insurance? Or any kind of insurance for yourself? I don't! Because I don't understand it and nobody did tried to explain it to me. I have known many people to have more than a million or half a million dollar insurances and some are just meager. I remember one time somebody came to talk to me about insurances but I have more questions than answers. Yesterday, I was with my friend and  we shared about life insurances and they had a lot. She told me to visit  and read the things that is written in the website. She found out that this website used words that are easy to understand and not to too technical that only them who can understand it. So when I get home last night I looked at it immediately and yes it is very common words and I also found out that you can ask an online qoute. I always heard this words  insurance premiums but I really don't know what is that but when I looked at the website I kind of understand it. I was thinking last night after browsing the website that it is not too late to get a life insurance and I think I have to do it now.


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice post about life insurance..

Anonymous said...

That's good. If not today it certainly helps tomorrow! I have one already.


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