Health is wealth

I always heard this adage health is wealth. Growing I didn't know what that really mean because in my little mind how can a health become a wealth, since money for me is wealth ^_^ Then I as I grow older and heard friends and relatives died because of this and that illnesses I became aware that oftentimes what we eat makes you get sick. My Dad died at an early age he was 50 years old and it was a huge blow to our family more so to my mother. Though he didn't die of liver failure but he died of hypertension. I told myself not to ever take for granted what your body say something to you but also I don't indulge in too much medicine drinking just because I feel aches and pains here and there.   I do believe that taking care of our body inside and out is our responsibility. Some do only take time to take care of what is visible to others eyes but what about the inside it could be rotten as garbage. I remember my mom don't give us medicine when we have cold or cough because she says our  body is the best doctor of our body and so coughing is a mean to getting rid of those foreign objects that is inside in our body while cold means you need rest. I remember mom encourage us to drink plenty of water that's why I carried that idea now. I'd rather drink water than take any kind of pop or soda more take any kind of medicine that we don't know how many side effects it will bring to us. Always do remember health is wealth! 


Mar said…
Very well said Kim, I totally agree to that! You can lose all your money trying to cure yourself of a disease. And sometimes you can have all the money in the world, but money cannot do everything, it cannot even predict death. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! - Mar
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