Got to have one

Our weather here in Michigan is chilly.  But I am not complaining I am happy.  Went to attend mass at 10:30 am and it feels like it is going to be Autumn soon. Tomorrow morning, I am set to call the medical school for an appointment I have decided that I am going to take a course on medical billing.  ^_^
Yesterday hubby and I attended a baptismal event. It is my friends child baptism and we were there to witnessed it. Her husband is a nurse and financially they are doing pretty good. I had a chanced to talked to her husband and he told me that medical courses are in demand right now and that he was fortunate that he took this course ahead of time when the influx of students came to take it. I asked him where he got his nursing uniforms and he told me that he bought it online. His fellow workers refer him this website  and when he checked it he was impressed. I've been thinking for awhile where do the nursing students or nurses do buy their scrubs  before this online site came out. Of course, they buy it somewhere in a store but with what I saw online they have a lot of choices to choose from with different colors  and design. He told me, since he order his first nursing uniform from the website he never look to another website again. ^_^


*^_^* said…
Okay, I'm on my way to check it out!
Thanks, Kim!

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