To file a bankruptcy?

Do you like to watch news on tv? Do you feel that when you are watching news it makes you feel depressed? I do sometimes that is why I don't watch news longer than 5 minutes ^_^. But I of course knew that we are all hard hit by our crunching economy. Many that I knew are thinking of filing bankruptcy but don't know where to begin and how to do it. My cousin who is very close to me who lives in Sacramento, California is telling me that he had a hard time finding a job after laid off. He is been laid off for a year now and he is almost due on his unemployment status ^_^.  He is very worried and anxious because he knew he is going to lose his house which is too expensive for me to have that house. But he said he is ready to lose everything just to get rid off those debts is a must for him to do. So I told him to approach or find a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney because he needs it. And it'sa must thing to do first and he told me he is going to do it this Monday. 


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