Small, medium and large

                                                      My Small, Medium and Large
                              Is this an offending photo please let me know I am going to remove it. ^_^
                                                  Linking this post to FMTSO


Toyin O. said…
Nice looking picture:)
Kerry said…
Hey we come in all shapes and sizes, so this couldn't possibly be offensive!

It makes me feel like going for a swim.
Pauline said…
Not at all offensive. I think it's a good interpretation of the topic. We do come in small, medium and large after all.
Jama said…
I don't find it offensive at all, we all come in different sizes.
Heather T. said…
This is a great shot to share for the theme! Well done.
I find no offense it fit the theme very well! great Job!
Why would this be offensive? Just a bunch of people in a pool. Wish it was warm enough here for that!
Doreen said…
great idea! there are for sure many different sizes in the photo.

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