WR: The ball

I was inside the church when I saw this ball outside. I noticed immediately the reflection and so here it is.
                                                     No flash and a little bit far.

                                                   A closer look and with a flash.
                                                             My Weekend Reflection


Ms. Becky said…
a gazing ball! nice spot for it too. it must have been difficult to sit in church after having noticed this, seeing the great reflection! great capture Kim. have a fun weekend.
Sylvia K said…
Marvelous reflection for the day, Kim! Love the gazing ball and it is a great spot for it! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

'Tsuki said…
Strange as the flash add so much light into the picture... The first one is amazing, though.
Anonymous said…
Gazing balls are great!! You can get some neat self-portraits using one.
Regina said…
Awesome reflections!
Happy weekend.
Gattina said…
A whole church in such a little ball ! what a nice reflection. I noticed that flashs don't work very well with reflections.
Pat Tillett said…
I love those things! Nice photo and reflection!
Tes said…
lovely gazing ball. that path looks mysterious Manang Kim! am tempted to explore beyond! :)
hailey said…
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Hailey William

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