Vacation Bible School

Yes!! Three day just flies so quick I couldn't imagine we are almost done with our VBS. As the 3 days passed the children already started to knew each other and one mom says her daughter woke up so early everyday she is so excited what activities are in store for them. Even the hours as we do our crafting this morning it seems that the three hours is just 30 minutes!
Last Monday, we dye t-shirts according to there tribe. There were 4 tribes Naphita, Dan, Benjamin and Jacob. But remember there are 12 tribes but  we only have less than 50 kids so we got 4 tribes. So we dye t-shirts to four different colors, brown, green, blue and red. Then yesterday Tuesday, we made olive oil scrub then today we made poor box. It was fun and I had fun too watching the kids and helping them finished their project. Tomorrow they are going to make trumpets and they are going to make a parade, that would be fun for the kids too. Here is what they made today.
                                                               Poor boxes

                                                                    Potato man


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