Signs, signs

Here in Michigan we don't have State fair. I went to one State fair and that was cool. It's way different from a county fair. But since we don't have any State fair we are happy that county fair is still pretty much going on every year. Last year I took this signs...and hopefully this year I could find them again they are both my favorites the elephant ear and homemade soda pop! Yummy!

         While cotton candy is not my forte now a days but hubby love sno cones. The candy apples I like it when it is not too much coated with caramel because I still like to taste it like apple ^_^
     Can't wait to see our county fair this year again!! Are you excited to see your own county fair or state fair?


Lesley said…
these signs are definitely bright!!
LV said…
We have the Dallas State Fair each year similar to this. I have not been in a long time. Seems everyone here was having a good time.
Pat said…
Refills for the rest of your life? Wow! But you'd have to remember to bring the tin cup to the fair each year! The signs bring back memories of when we were at a fair!
Martha Z said…
The California State Fair was once very enjoyable, now it is too commercial and I haven't been in years. The same is true for the Los Angeles County Fair.
Luna Miranda said…
such cheerful signs! reminds me of the "peryahan" days of my childhood.:p
I like taking photos at fairs too. The color is always lively and excessive, visual overload.

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