A pests and a wedding

Another busy Sunday, but before all the busyness in life hubby and I would attend mass first that's an obligation of course. Then at 2pm we are going to attend a wedding. I could foresee it's gonna be a long Sunday afternoon and somehow my other half of my mind is to my plants that has to be planted right away for I don't have time this week to do it.
Yesterday I look at my Salmon colored rose and to my shock the blossoms were eaten by huge black ants. I immediately flick all the ants but after several minutes they are back and the beautiful buds has a whole in the middle that I just cut it and throw it away. This year it has many buds and this rose has a very beautiful color but the ants had the blossom first it open. Then I went to see my peaches tree, oh my it has a disease I don't know what!! The tree has some kind of little round thing and it has some ants too. Here are some of the pictures!
                   This is all what happened to my rose buds. Ants eat them and they stayed in the middle of the buds!!

                                                  This is what you can see to my peach tress. It's a disease!! I don't know what I am going to do with this!!


Tess said…
Enjoy your day with your hubby Kim!

Cheers and blessings,

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