Never my Love!

Yesterday, was the first day of our Vacation Bible School for kids at church. I was so in a hurry I arrived at church 10 minutes before 9 am. And when I get there the kids, volunteers and catechist were already inside taking their assignment, and some are busy registering and checking the kids. So I started getting busy with my assignment and then came home around 12:30 noon. When I got home I cleaned up the house and at the same time checking my emails and blogs not thinking I forgot something the most important thing.
When I get home hubby was not around he was with his brother. I did continue what have to be done inside the house since for two weeks (taking catechist courses at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit) I didn't do anything I am so tired by the end of the day. Yesterday, I set my mind to do something or else I ended up cramming with things to do. After cleaning the house I get very sleepy and I did sleep. When I get up hubby was not around he was at the barn, so I went outside and check on my flowers then came inside after doing the rounds. Hubby came in and we are setting side by side he told was the first time that I didn't  call him. Because I always called him whenever I go telling him that I arrived safely and I am fine and when I get home I called him again that I am home. And all that just slipped on my mind. When hubby told me about it, my eyes get big because I never think of it, that's how busy I am?? Geez!! But what I like with my hubby is that he is very careful in his words that I won't get offended he said it in a very mellow voice and in a very sweet way.
I felt bad it was the first time I did that. So from now on no matter how busy it takes I have to call him. He told me he told his brother that "it was weird I didn't call him" I knew he is expecting my call since he wants to know if I was safe driving alone. I knew I have to call matter what. I love this music so listen to this guys and gals.


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