Poison Ivy homemade first aid

Today, we are kind of busy. After all the running around when hubby and I are about to settle down and relax, my step-daughter called his Dad that she just touched a poison ivy. Hmmmm I immediately looked at the internet and looked for a home made first aid. So I found a good one, just a white egg and a corn starch mixed it well and make it a paste. When it is like a paste I put it right on the face. And for several minutes I let her rest and then I waited the mixture to dry out like cakey and waited till it started to cracked. Then I peel off the mixture then I told her to washed her face. There was a huge change her face was not like a blow fish hehehe. The bumps on her face and chin are gone. The itchy and burning feeling was gone too. Her eyes started to opened up and she said it feels good and we felt good too. Night everyone!!


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