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                     I found this beautiful PLATES in a garage sale last year. At the back it says household institute PRISCILLA PATTERN Homer Laughlin 1942.

                                           Some of my PYREX I found from garage sale ^_^

                                                               POLITICALLY correct
deliberately avoiding offense: relating to or supporting the use of language or conduct that deliberately avoids giving offense, e.g. on the basis of ethnic origin or sexual orientation

I only heard this words here in the US.  In the Philippines, we do offend somebody too but it's not like what it is here in the US. I find this words over used and used by some people, make this as their defense mechanism or etc. Our parents thought us how to be finesse in words and in actions. Yes it get hurts if you are told by somebody on something not true or true but to what the heck if doesn't cost you an arm or a leg why bother, lol!!
In my husbands family, we are getting multicultural. I told them to not to think about political correctness, that you can't be yourself anymore. Because I say what I want to say, if your fat your fat, if your gay your gay. If somebody will tell me you have a flat nose, short and has a brown skin why do I have to fumed by that, it's true anyway and I am thankful of who I am, don't you think that would be  right attitude? If somebody would say you have a different accent and can't understand you sometimes, well I am thankful if it's only sometimes not all the time hahahaha!! But hey life is so short sometimes people are in prison of this political correctness thing.....can we just laugh about our idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and shortcomings? Life is wonderful!!

                                                                     PANSY flowers

                                                         Linking this post to ABC WEDNESDAY


Calleigh said…
Manang Kim.. mayo jud ka mangita good stuffs sa garage sale..daghan ba diha sa inyo... sa amoa kay talagsa ra man ko kakita...waah.... 1942 pa diay na na plate..I guess they are already valuable.

Anyway, about the politically correct.. I believe its the culture that varies. Some people tend to be outspoken while unwittingly utter remarks that people misinterpreted.

While some are too artificial not to offend anybody or they are simply pretentious of his own bigotry.
mrsnesbitt said…
Pyrex dishes - I used them in my O Level cookery exam! Amazing memories!

ABC Team
Wanda said…
Oh my, what memories...those pyrex dishes look just like the ones I grew up with in my mom's kitchen.

Your find on the plates is great. They are beautiful.
vernz said…
I have collected quiet a lot of these already, unfortunately they weren't out of the box yet because I have no house yet.. hahaha.. was here manang kim for ABC wed.
chubskulit said…
Perfect Photos and items for the letter this week! I love what you wrote about politically correct weeeee.

Please come see the Paintings at my page.
pretty plates.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Jama said…
I have lots of pyrex dish, some similar to yours, but got them first hand.
hahai.ponce said…
I love the plates, the 1st picture specially, a very homey design :D

visiting you through ABC Wednesday :D
Mona said…
was checking your P's entry .. Love the plates so pretty and the flowers too.
Mel Cole said…
I like your set of plates collection and your pansies are gorgeous MAnang Kim. Would love you to visit my ABC Wednesday page here.
Pretty plates and perfect pansies!
Tumblewords: said…
Pansies are so friendly! I still have my old Pyrex...

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