Savor Life..........

.....did I savor life?? I am already past my 45 years of existence in this beautiful world we lived in did I savor life? I found this question while I was reading a magazine and I thought about it for awhile and decided to check myself.

Savor the Seasons: I came from the Philippines I was uprooted their by my hubby ^_^ and transferred here in the US particularly in Michigan. The first time I set my foot in Michigan it was Fall of 2004, it was cold very cold. After that Winter come and at first I enjoyed but later on I started complaining because I have a hard time adjusting the weather change. From my being a tropical fish to become a snow bear what a huge difference huh!!! Aside from the weather season the season of being single for 38 years will be change to being MARRIED is too way a huge leap for me. That lead to my second savor...

Savor the Affirmations. Oh well I am so 100% fed with this by who else my hubby itself. I have never been in any kind of relationship that I am always affirm by what I did or do. This makes me feel more confident and good for myself. I feel that I am also very willing to give affirmation to others because I am full of affirmation. Remember this saying "you can't give what you don't have"? So I don't listen to any negative remarks if there is any,  and if I did accidentally heard it I would think of how true it is and if how much it affect on me. Sometimes it does affect on me but wait, I have a lot of affirmation from my hubby, relatives and how could I exchange it for just a negative remark that there is no bases at all, right?

Savor  Victories:  I don't focus much on my failures and shortcoming instead I think of it as a lesson learned and never to commit it again. I savor my victories by sharing it and how I am very grateful that inspite of everything I still have more victories than failures.

Savor Ordeals: The things that did not kill us made us strong. Don't escape challenges. Face them with openness and joy. They are gateways to our growth.

Savor Relationships:  I always remind myself that what matters in this life is not the material things but people closest to our hearts. Our family deserves the best of us, not what's left of us. Last Sunday, I watched this show Secret Millionaire...and this Korean family who struggled hard became wealthy here in teh US, now their son is running their company...and what struck me is what the father told the son...he says "not to be greedy but give and never forget where you came from". That is what always my parents told me never to forget where you came from. It means never  forget God above everything, then never forget your family, then your relatives, friends and those people who help you who are you now. Savoring relationships is what many people have forgotten now...and I don't want to experienced that in my death bed I am regretful because I don't have a relationships with those people close to about you what do you savor in life?


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