Renewal of license plate

I am so done just came from the Secretary of State to pay for my license plate renewal. I didn't know we pay it every year, now I realized that we did and it happened before our birthday. So I paid $86.00 for the whole year and I choose to buy a what they call recreational passport for  $10.00, for me to go to any state park around Michigan state which is really cool. I wanted to visit state or county parks this year for photography and also to do hiking or walking but my problem my hubby don't like it. Sometimes I wanted to go alone but thinking also of those women who are gone missing because from their walk or jogging alone it creeps me out. If only I have somebody a friend who also likes to take photos and who loves nature I would be happy to be out all the time. For now, I am praying for this person/s it's nice if there will be two or more who is like me!! Loves nature, loves photography, loves to walk. ^_^


Carolyn said…
if we're only neighbor, i can go with you hehehe hubby and i loves photography and we do travel a lot, local or international just to take pictures..we both love visiting parks for pictures..maybe someday, we can meet one park and do photography one condition hehehe you will teach me and show me some tricks to have a nice photo hehehhe
Kim, USA said…
Hehe Carolyn, you are so humble my dear. You took a lot of photos beautifully. I can only imagine if you and me would do that, I need two or three extra batteries hehehe. And then for sure baon natin adobong chicken and rice how is that hehehehe!!
George said…
I hope you find someone who can go on photography hikes at different parks with you.
Mari said…
Hi Kim,
I also live in Michigan and got the special plate this year. I thought it was a great idea!
mura lang pala..86 dollars,hehe..joke..
IS the price to renew used cars lower than that of a new car? I realize now that its time for me to bite the bullet a get a car, but I just want to be sure I get a good deal. Thanks!

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