I missed the Kate and William wedding

I stayed late last night. I was chatting my niece from the Philippines and at the same time playing games. I was thinking of watching the wedding since few years ago I saw Diana and Charles get married. That time in the Philippines our tv is not totally colored, Lol!! It is not how it is today that it's flat scree, with 55 inches and with high definition colored tv, but that wedding was festive. I had this thought that, that wedding is what all the girls wanted. Years past and I don't like what happened to Diana and how she fought for her voice in that family. Until she died I also feel bad about it. Then stories came out what happened speculation and everything, but the point is from the beginning we all knew now that their was no love in that marriage. Might be totally because for sure Di had but what about Charles. So seems like sad. 
Today, I tried to wake up early but didn't. Woke up around almost 11 am and everything I saw are footage in you tube, lol!! But it was okey then I just wished that Kate and William will have a good marriage and their married life will last.!! 


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