Bobijou Inc.

I checked my email to day and I found this email. I read it and I realized immediately that this is a spam a scam and all of the above. The more I smiled because I don't have a credit card and how come I have an order with this Bobijou Inc. I also took noticed of the attached file and I think twice if I am going to opened it and at the last thought I didn't open it anyway. Because I am so afraid if might be a virus who knows. So guys this email is a spam or scam. When you response this they will then asked your credit card number or other stuff. So why bother just delete it right away.

Thank you for ordering from Bobijou Inc.

This message is to inform you that your order has been received and is currently 
being processed.

Your order reference is 269643.
You will need this in all correspondence.

This receipt is NOT proof of purchase.
We will send a printed invoice by mail to your billing address.

You have chosen to pay by credit card.
Your card will be charged for the amount of 790.00 USD and “Bobijou Inc.” will 
appear next to the charge on your statement.

You will receive a separate email confirming your order has been despatched.

Your purchase and delivery information appears below in attached file.

Thanks again for shopping at Bobijou Inc.


van21691 said…
I got the same email from Bobijou Inc and the same message.

I deleted it anyways. Don't open such things, it might contain virus.

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