A baby was born today

I am officially 45 years old today. My mother delivered me 45 years ago, at 2:45am at St. Mary's hospital that is why my other first name is Mary. I am grateful of this wonderful life amidst some trials and painful experienced along the way. But I can't distinguished joy and happiness without experiencing pain and sorrow. I am thankful to God for everything, my parents who guide me and giving me advices though they don't live long in this life time but I appreciated all their love and care and giving ways that they showered on me. I am thankful to my siblings, my family and friends in the Philippines and most of all I am so thankful to my husband L and his family. Being here in this new country is hard. The adjustment that I have to take is not easy but because of my hubby's patience, love and understanding I came out happy and not regretting for choosing to be here. Over all I am very much thankful to everything that comes in my 45 years of life. I am looking forward to another 45 years, keep it coming!!! ^_^


Calleigh said…
Happy Birthday Manang Kim..wishing you more blessing to come and good health as well.

So you've reached the age that most people dreaded.. the number 4, yet it's only a number, all that matters are the lessons and constructive experienced that you've confronted. Notwithstanding dreadful or pleasant, they helped you strengthen your perspective hence rise above the trials in life.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Umma, thanks dear for the birthday greetings. Yes I already reached the middle of 40's ^_^ And this phase of woman's life is not easy. It's when you experienced a lot of hormonal change from pre-menaupause symptoms. Thankfully, my hubby is supportive enough that he understand my sudden mood swing, headache, sometimes feeling depress etc.
The good part is that I feel loved and there is no way that I can't be thankful of that. God is good!!
fredamans said…
Happy Birthday Kim.
I guess it's a bittersweet day. I'm sorry for your family loss.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Freda, thank you for the greeting. Actually, from Monday to Friday it's filled with family members birthday. And this Saturday we are going to have an all together party, but because of the passing of our BIL we postpone everything since Saturday is also the funeral. Yup it's bittersweet.
George said…
Happy Birthday! I hope you had a good one.
Happy Birthday to you, Kim! So glad you feel at home in the USA. It's a big, confusing country but people are the same everywhere, is my belief. Glad you are here. So sorry you no longer have your parents. That is hard.
kat said…
Yay, Happy, happy birthday Kim...ang galing mo naman at alam na alma pati oras ng pag-anak sa yo...hehe...mas bata ka tingnan sa idad mo Kim..well, number nga lang pala yon hehe.

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