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This was taken last February when two of my friends celebrated their birthday together. We ate dinner at Tokyo buffet then we ride a LIMOUSINE, ain't that LUXURIOUS????
                           The LUMINOUS yellow at the entrance of Tokyo buffet is so pretty at night.
                            I am reading this book right now and my heart ache to what this boy goes through in his life. (Why there are people who are so mean?) He was a LOST boy who happen to search for LOVE and he found it not from his own parents but from others.
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Ms. Burrito said…
Looks like a very interesting book to read Tita, thank you for the visit.
Calleigh said…
ka guafa sa mga dalaga.. naka Limo pa.. bonggacious.. :)
Wanda said…
Hi Kim ~ your Birthday Party looks so fun ~ and that!

The stories of children like this also break my heart. Hopefully it will have a happy ending.
Mel Alarilla said…
Wow naman, naka limousine ka papunta sa Japanese restaurant, sosyal, hehehe. Ang galing naman nang experience mong yan. Life is so full of heartbreak stories that will literally break your heart. Ganun talaga ang buhay. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Sylvia K said…
Does look like a fun night out and a great choice for the L Day! And it looks like a fun party as well! Nothing like a ride in a Limo to celebrate! Hope your week is going well!

ABC Team
love the occasional ride in the limo
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
chubskulit said…
Wow ate sosyalin ang beauty hehehe.

Please come and see the Lamborghini at my page.
January said…
wow.. sosyal naman nyan ate.. hehe

Here’s ABC Wednesday Letter L:
Cildemer said…
Wow! Lucky you! Would love to go for a ride on a Limousine too;o)

Hope you are having a nice and happy week****
Mona said…
I want to read this book interesting .. bongacious naman ang car :)
My L is up!
fredamans said…
Looks like a fun night!
Chie Wilks said…
super nice ng L na sure was a luxur ride

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