Tuesday a busy day for me!

It's Tuesday and it's the first day of the month of March!! Wow!!! We have a pretty good day today, it's sunny and not too cold. Snow starts to melt and hope that it will be like this till the first day of Spring. I woke up early today because I have a Bible study at church by 9:30 am. When I get out from the house, I feel the sun's rays and it does feel so good. Do we all need Vitamins D, of course we do. There is no other supplement that we could find from Vitamin D but from the sun light. I told hubby when we got home from the Bible study I need to have a sun bathing, it's like I am recharge from the long hiatus of being inside the house.
This afternoon, at around 3:30 pm I will go to the church again to teach Catechism. I am always excited to meet my nine all girls third graders every Tuesday. And I am also thankful that I have this privilege to teach them about God and be a part of them. For now Ciao and see yah later!


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