Kap-kap or search by hand

I just heard from my relatives here in the US is that they don't like how the TSA do their body search.  I haven't been fly for two years now locally or internationally so I don't have any idea how they do it. But then because of what I heard it made my curiosity perk up, I just wonder how really they do it and or is it really intrusive.
Because of the terrorism attacked in our country I don't mind to be search most specially when you fly. I came from a country that from time to time a bomb explodes. And growing up I so wish that the military should search each one thoroughly so no bomb would ever explode but we don't have that capability. It's kind of sad because so many innocent people became victims with what cause, nothing just to terrorize. 
I know that here in the US people are not used to be body search and that is understandable because before we don't have terrorism attacks but time change and it's frightful. So for me as long as it's a woman who would body search I don't mind go for it what the heck!!! LOL!


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