Watery Wednesday-Red wine

                                         Had fun yesterday and took this picture what you think?
             I forgot the name of this red wine but I knew I like it. It's sweet and it's made here in Michigan.
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Candace said…
Great photo!! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Candace
jeannette said…
You're getting very creative for Watery Wednesday! Red wine I like most of all wines:)
Frank said…
Now that is one way of 'chilling out' but you could have left a little more to share ... lol. FAB.
Webbloggirl said…
seems you are ready for valentines..nice catch!

WW entry
RNSANE said…
I am a great lover of wine and it's been a joy living in the San Francisco for nearly 35 years. Napa is only about 65 miles away and other wonderful wine regions are a few hours distant. I've been fortunate to travel to France, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, and Greece - to name a few places - and trying many of the wonderful wines in those countries has been part of the joy of travel. Sweet wines are not my favorite, though, except with dessert.
You walked out in the snow to snap this photo? Brrr!


A hunter of all kinds of water
Had neither a son nor a daughter;
But ocean and sea
Provided such glee—
He fancied adopting an otter!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Frosty Windowpane
Buck said…
I like this very much. Most NY wines are sweetish too, and are very nice when chilled. I like the creative aspect. I'm not sure I could manage a different theme every day!
Joahna Vern said…
hello manang kim. :) thanks much for dropping by my site. :)

by the way, that wine looks mouth-watering and tasty. :)

advance happy valentine's day! :)
eileeninmd said…
Great photo! I like red wine and sometimes the sweet wines.
eden said…
Beautiful shot. Love red wine too.
Oh boy....drinking wine in the snow....NOW that is a great way to enjoy the nasty weather and still have some fun in the white stuff....I LOVED this!

PS...thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visiting with me yesterday!!!
Aruba said…
this is perfect for valentines...taste good, i believed!
Linnea said…
I'm not a big fan of sweet wines, but this shot is marvelous! Thanks for stopping by at mine. Enjoy the day.
Perfect shot!

Sorry for my late visit...
Ann said…

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