Green bay Packers won!!

photo source: new york magazine
Wohoooo the Green bay Packers won the game last night. Hubby and I were watching it and it's my first time ever to be glued to a game, ever!! When the players came out I told hubby I am going to choose PACKERS as my team. Hubby told me that Steelers team is a champion for many years. But I told hubby I choose Packers for my team.
The game I cheered out, I yelled, I got stressed and I feel the pressure when in the last minute their is only few points that Steelers is going to make to passed Packers. Then it happened Steelers quit and it was done!! I was cheering and clapping too.
Hubby asked me then, how and why I choose Packers. I told him, well Packers is from Wisconsin and Wisconsin is the neighbor of Michigan lol!! And I love cheesesssss!! That's how I choose my tean nothing personal. I don't understand the Football game I don't watch any kind of sportsexcept bowling and ice skating. It turned out we are lucky this time. CONGRATULATIONS GREEN BAY PACKERS!!


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