Protect yourself

This day and age is quite different even if we look back 10 years ago. When internet connection came to our household as part of our lives I feel that everything is just beyond our reach. Then paying bills, social networking, tracking your whereabouts is available online it makes me think and feel that it looks like we are already not protected from any kind of danger. That's what hubby and I and my step daughter were talking yesterday afternoon. We were comparing our generation to this generation and we so agreed that this time is like not safe if we don't know how we gonna protect our self.
My step-daughter told us that her son was in front of his computer when all of a sudden a pop up window says that his virus software is expired and that he has to buy another one. He did!! That was the dreaded moment that every one of us don't want to be in. He was scammed for almost $100 and he was  a victim of identity theft. He noticed right away that there is a movement in his credit card and he didn't received the promised software, good thing he acted immediately to stopped it. 
I don't have a credit card I used debit card and it's more scary because it goes directly to the bank account. With what we heard from my step daughters story makes me think about how we can protect our self with this kind of people. This morning I shared the story to my friend and she told me to check online Identity Hawk . Because she said her husband and family like there Identity theft protection  it makes them feel secured all the time. I think I have to discuss this to my hubby we need a protection from this identity theft. They are all over the whole wide world ready to devour a victim they could find. ^_^


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