Divorce lawyer

I came from a country that didn't allow divorce. And so what I found out growing up is that when two people fall out of love they just separate their ways but they can't marry again. Which leads to having them just a live in partner and don't have any legalities to hold whatsoever.  
When I came here in the US six years ago I heard a lot of stories about divorce. And most of the relationships that ended up to divorce are always chaotic. Good thing that people could find a divorce lawyer but that is not always the case. I've heard about friends or some family members having a hard time finding a good divorce lawyer I don't know why I guess because some ask money first hand and of course when a relationship just broke up, usually the finances is not good too. Many of my husband's family members lives in Texas. Some lived in San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. I visited Austin once and I love the place I don't like to get back here in Michigan I feel I am at home there. 
Anyway, one of my SIL's son is having difficulty in his relationship with his 5 year old marriage. He is confiding his mom that he is thinking about divorcing her. Well his mom told him to think about it first and if he is certain about divorcing her, she told her to find an Austin Divorce Lawyer. I also asked a friend of mine who lives there and she said that to find an Austin family lawyer isn't that hard in her place. But to look for a good one whose priority is the satisfaction of there client is hard to find. I told her about a divorce attorney Austin based, and she said they excellent in there service. They had a free consultation, you can visit there website because they put all their phone numbers there and talk to them. Which for me is really good. I told my SIL about it and she also told her son about my information. As I've said it's hard to find a good divorce lawyer and if you find one it's like your finding a good friend!


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