Dead Birds

Last Tuesday I went to the store to buy bird seeds. I knew that in Winter time it's kind of hard for the bird to find seeds since here in MI the ground is always covered with snow. So I shout it in my Facebook account that I bought a bird seeds and I am excited to see my birds come. Then a friend of mine responded that many birds died and just birds but also fishes. I thought it was a joke so I search and goggled and there it was fish and birds just died with no apparent reason. Then another friends says that they will come after two days I put the bird seeds. Now it's going to be almost a week but I haven't seen a single bird visit or eat my bird seeds. 
Today, I was searching again and in one of my friends Facebook account has a you tube video about a Victoria river that turns green. My eyes grew big what is happening?? To add it up a news from UK says about thousands of devil crabs sweep on the shore dead. I couldn't believe what is happening really. Something is wrong in our atmosphere that birds, fishes, crabs dead and now a river turns green. It's weird and I don't know what's next. Been watching here at the window trying to observe what's going on outside and for the hours that been observing I only see one bird flying, really weird.
                                                             A lonely bird house


Mayet said…
I've seen photos of those birds, too.awful,hein!

anyway, I like your new header and the profile pic:)
ang cute ng house ng ibon..may snow pa..
MarieElizabeth said…
There is nothing out of the ordinary, it is just that the media is reporting it more than normal. Your birds will come.
That is the result of man's self destructive tendencies that has caused that dreaded green house effect in our atmosphere and in nature as a whole. It seems that we are literally poisoning our whole eco system. It's nice to see people like you still caring for birds by preparing seeds for them in winter time. God bless you more for that my friend. Nature always renew itself and let us just hope that the birds, the fishes and our rivers can rebound from the poison we place in them. Thanks for the caring post. God bless you all always.

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