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When I look at myself on the mirror every morning I don't know if I would like to run or not lol!! Yup this is not a joke friends but oftentimes I feel that my skin is so hard to make it the same as like when I was in my 20's anymore. My husband told me to be positive and say every morning when I face the mirror that I am beautiful, oh well I do that every time but what I see is an aging skin. 
I am in my mid 40's and at this age I could tell that my skin is not the same as when I was in my 20's or even 30's. I have abused a lot by not protecting of anything. When I was in college I don't have acne's thankfully but my friends had at that time. They were just so thankful that  it was gone by the time they reach the age of early 20's. Now I have friends that has Acne problems and they for sure need acne products to help their problem. That's why the other day I told one of my friend to not just ignored it she had to do something about that problem.
Thankfully now a days you could find in the store or online  about Skin care products. And for now I can afford to buy it unlike before when I don't have any money at all.  One thing that I learned through all this years that even if we are in our teens and when we grow old we have to take care of our skin. The skin is the first thing that people would noticed, right? And the skin is the biggest part of our body. That's why right now I am searching and browsing what kind of aging products that I would buy because I already notice a lot of Age spots on my face!! And for my sake I have to solve this problem immediately because I knew if this won't be solve I would have it all over my face and I would not love it. 


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