Property tax

Christmas is fast approaching people are shopping left and right. People send and receive Christmas cards but one thing that also come in your mail box is the bill for property tax!!!
We had a house that is seated in a 10 acre of land and we had a good chunk of property tax. And mind you here in the US we have to pay Summer and Winter tax which is for me ridiculous!! Why we had to pay twice for property tax??? I have seen that in the property tax bill it's enumerated there where our taxes goes. For me why we have to build huge as in huge school buildings?? A small town has a huge school building for what? Tore down the old building which for me is not old and build a huge new one with the taxpayers money. Now that people had no money to pay for their taxes there is already a huge deficit because nobody could pay there taxes anymore. No jobs that we could say secure now a days. 
Too bad also that now a days it's very hard to sell your property. Just in our neighborhood how many houses are for sale and how many sold their houses below what they have paid for it. Something has to be done I think. I think it's time to tighten more the belt of those people who budget the taxpayers money. What you think?


Kelly said…
Amen, Sister. I agree with you.

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