Gutter rain chain

It's snowing today but not the snow that we do expect in this time of year. But I am also thankful that we don't have a lot at this time because I knew January and February is the worst part of Winter.  Yesterday hubby and I went to visit our cousin at the hospital and was really happy to see that he is doing fine. We were inside the hospital when it started to rain and when we went out going to the parking lot I looked up and saw this beautiful gutter rain chain. Oh how pretty they are I stopped and looked at it because I could see the  water just rippled down with grace. I thought at that time how come I didn't bring my camera I missed the beautiful scenery. Then I looked around and I noticed that all the end gutter in that entire hospital has gutter rain chains, how cool is that. If a patient will see those beauty they will feel relax I am sure of that.
Then today we were at my DH sons house he just bought a second hand truck which for me looks like a brand new. After inspecting the truck hubby told me he loves it and it was not that expensive either. So we were inside the house and my DH sons wife came and greeted us and asked us if we want something. We didn't take anything we just had lunch. So we chatted about the weather and all that when my  step-daughter in law showed me this beautiful stuff. And as I looked at it it's a Japanese rain chain!! My eyes grew big and my jaw dropped lol!! It's so pretty and I thought why I keep on bumping rain chains at this time? I asked my step-daughter in law where she bought it and she told me her sister from New Jersey send it to her and she told her that she bought it online. Right now I am checking on there website and I am so in love with a lot of them most specially the copper rain chain. Another stuff added to my wish list for Santa to read lol!


It's been super cold here in the teens. I heard a few time the weather people talk about rain “oh what a mess that will make here.

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