Dipped apples with Peppermint chips

Thanks to Wm Rowe
The holiday season is one of the best times to get some amazing tasting treats. One of my all time favorite treats during the Christmas season are dipped apples that have peppermint chips scattered onto the sticky coating. Many people may think of dipped apples as an autumn feast, but they're actually big for Christmas as well. Especially if they have peppermint chips on them! The last time I saw these for sale, I was watching an advertisement for them on my Direct TV. I wound up purchasing some of them to enjoy at home.
I actually tried making these myself once. You take green apples and dip them in caramel. Before the caramel hardens, you take peppermint chips and sprinkle them onto the apple. Peppermint chips are similar to chocolate chips except they taste like peppermints and are white with red swirls. The apples came out pretty good, but I still enjoy buying them from professional candy makers. The professionals know exactly what to use and what tastes good, and their apples usually taste better than the ones I come out with. It was still a fun project to do at home though!
Once in awhile, I'll give the apples out as a gift for the holiday season. I love the looks on peoples faces when I give them a large and delicious-looking apple that they can just sink their teeth into. The peppermint adds a hint of Christmas to this otherwise autumn-y treat.


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