XDMA7650 is here!!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

Okey guys what is the talk of the town  this time? Aside from iphone or ipod there is one thing that I think everybody should have for us to be entertain to the max when we are inside our car. And what is that? Of course it's the Dual Electronics  called XDMA7650!! I knew many may ask how do I knew this stuff it sounds like it's only for men, hahaha!! I should be updated with what is the newest handbag or shoes in town but I tell you I knew those too but this one I am so impressed when after talking to my step-grandsons and how they are excited about it I too got excited.
Well my car is not new. We bought it second hand and so some features aren't there. I was a bit frustrated .  Now with this new Dual Electronics             I can listen to any sounds I wanted to listen. Aside from that it would make my car sleek and cool entertainment while on the run ^_^
So here  is what I  knew about XDMA 7650 it has a feature  like a  Front panel USB connection that gives you direct access and controls your iPod® and iPhone® now how cool is that!! I think all of us had iPod or iPhone right?  With that information I can imagine that it would add the cool factor of my car, friends will get envious of me hehehe. This is what I want for Christmas!!
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