Pine cones

I've been blog hopping to many beautiful blogs who does a lot of crafting. And I stumble to a blog who made a wreath with pine cones. It came out very beautiful and she even post the step by step procedure on how to open a pine cone. So an idea came out in my mind I asked hubby to find a lot of pine cones. 
Before I don't have a problem looking with pine cones. But after our evergreen toppled down after a terrible storm I couldn't find any. I wanted to go cross the road to my neighbor but she is not at her house all the time. 
Yesterday hubby came home with this two pine cones. They smell  so good tough the other one is full of sand. I washed it and I just so wished I could find more because my idea keep on bugging me grrr. I think today since the sun is out I have to do pine cone hunting. Where ever my feet lead me too,lol!


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