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Have you been to a house that smells so bad? I am not just talking about cat or dogs smell  but also smoke. I am thankful that hubby is not a smoker so do I, that the only smell that you could smell in our house is food hehe. But even then smell is kind of hard to get rid off. One time I was cooking Filipino food (it's a dried fish) I love the smell but when hubby came home he says it smells 100 days old socks, geezz that is ridiculous huh? So hubby bought me a camping stove and if I love to fry dried fish I should do it outside poor me!! LOL!
Last night, after my Catechism class hubby and I went to visit my SIL because she just come from Austin, Texas. His son and his granddaughters family live there. We went to Austin, Texas last 3 years ago and I love the place. Actually we stayed in San Antonio, Texas and we only went to Austin to attend my DH nephew's wedding but when we were there I am so impressed of the place, I think I love to live there.
As we were eating dinner my SIL shared us about her son's problem in his house while she was there. He had a problem about his green carpet and the smell inside the house. You see he has 4 dogs and 1 cat but nobody smokes! Thankfully, when they attended the church and shared it to some of their friends somebody told them about rug cleaning and repair austin. I know it's not easy to clean rugs or carpets but sometimes we have to do it though much so if people have a pets at home. So when they saw that a lot or repair and cleaning were done. My SIL and her son and wife decided to also checked signs of water damage since this past months they had some storm there. They also  decided to hire  professional odor removal austin services to checked any signs of gas odors or any kind of odor that jeopardize everybody's health. 
So far as what my SIL told us the result was overwhelmingly perfect. I told her over the dinner table last night that it's a good thing to checked everything before Winter comes because what is important is the safety of the family and the pets too. ^_^


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