Restaurant business cards

Had you wonder why some business specially those who are in restaurant business thrive and some don't? Every time hubby and I or with our relatives go to eat somewhere I wonder if how many years had the business and what they do to survive. I am a person who think and if I like to ask I have to ask somebody to get a good conversation. So I asked hubby about it and he told me that of course and the number one is the food. I said of course, food has to taste good!! Then for me the second one is  the price if it's too high who would come again? A business need customers that will come as much as possible right? And one thing that comes to my mind is also a restaurant business cards. With so many restaurant sprouting every where to stay in business is to get out the word out too. And by doing it a restaurant business cardsis a huge help. One time somebody gave us this restaurant business cardsand mind you this restaurant is just two miles away from us and we passed it almost everyday but we didn't come once. So when we got their business card I told hubby to visit the place and we are hooked from then on. They had  a good fish so every Friday we are their customers.


mahesh said…
My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

Restaurant Equipment
Hotel and travel business works on the basis of contacts,relations and agents.It needs a regular connection between customers and mediators which requires a effective medium like business cards.

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