Many things to do

It's a rainy Wednesday morning. Actually the whole night it rained which I like it the most. Because at least it get rid of all the dust around hubby, his brother and a friend are cutting the willow tree and the saw dust is everywhere.

Yesterday, Thursday is one of my busy day. At 9:30 to 11:00 am is my bible study at the church and in the afternoon at 4:00 to 5:30 pm is my Religious education class at the church too. So on this day I hardly blog hop I post some entries but not to blog hop I have to prepare my stuff too. Anyway, yesterday I had fun with my bible study class and in the afternoon I had a good time with my third graders. When I get out from the class at 5:30pm it's too dark already and going out from the parking lot of the church to the main road is hard since that is the peak hours where traffic is hubby. So yesterday I asked hubby to picked me up, and I am loving it hehe. 
Today, I am thinking of finishing my laundry which I already put one load. Then I am thinking of putting up my Christmas tree. Well see if today my Christmas tree will be up because I am thinking of having a white Christmas tree and I don't have much white stuff so that means I have to do some shopping. But I don't want to spend money so well see what's gonna happen next. Happy Wednesday everyone!!


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