Getting over my fear of clowns

Guest post written by Anna Webb

For the longest time I've been absolutely terrified of clowns. I think I realized it when I was little and my parents took me to the circus. Needless to say, I haven't been back to the circus since and I refuse to hire a clown for any of my kids' birthday parties. But I'm trying to work on that and get over that fear right now.
I went online a couple of weeks ago to find some advice on how to get over things that you're scared of but you really shouldn't be. That's when I randomly saw the site and decided to switch over my internet service to it after I gave it a thorough reading.
Well, the advice that I did find on conquering your fears suggested confronting pop culture references that reinforce your fear. So I went to my local library and checked out the It book by Stephen King, the mother of all scary clown things. A boyfriend in college made me watch the movie of it, so I'm kind of worried about reading it. But this is something I need to get over.


It is almost unthinkable that someone would fear a harmless and lovable creature such as a clown except perhaps due to some traumatic experience in the past regarding a clown. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
I have a niece that clowns creaps her out.
Dena E's Blog said…
My 28 year old daughter and I are both in agreement,, clowns are just creepy!!! I have NEVER even had a bad experience with one,, nor has she but they are still creepy... Thanks for your note on my BLUE monday post !!!
May the Sweet Lord Jesus hold you near Him as you go through this new week...Hugs Dena
BTW~~~Love your widget that says..I'm not ashamed,, I Believe in God...

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